Swelh strives to offer affordable planning advice to its clients.

While we would love to be engaged as your Town Planning professional we understand that not all projects and budgets allow for professional Town Planning Services. 

For those of you braving it alone please find below some crucial links so as you can understand the process a little better.  

If it all gets a little confusing  you know who to call

DELWP are the government department in charge of planning, and they offer this website which contains the planning schemes of all Councils and Shires. Its boring reading but necessary.

From this interactive map you will be able to generate a Planning Report which will detail all of the relevant planning information affecting your property. Swelh use these same property reports along with Planning Scheme maps to establish the relevant parts of the planning ordinance (Scheme).



If you need plans drawn you need and Architect or Draftsperson. these are the relevant industry bodies

A website with its origins in the age Small Homes Service. The AIA seeks to generally educate and advise people making decisions regarding buildings and works to residential properties.